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Bear Cubs (0-1 Year Olds)

We love babies!

Our babies are cared for by qualified and experienced staff who offer lots of one-to-one attention and quickly develop positive, nurturing relationships.

Baby Care

We ensure that the pace of each day is entirely in tune with each individual baby. We work very closely with parents to ensure that we follow each baby’s individual routine.  A range of activities and experiences help babies to develop in all areas.

Bear Cubs are our baby areas and care for babies from 6 weeks until they are walking. These calm, spacious and nurturing areas are equipped with lots of toys and soft play equipment. Babies are given lots of love and affection and plenty of cuddles throughout the day! There is plenty of social interaction with other babies too.

Our Facilities

At Ruddington Day Nursery and Radcliffe-on-Trent Day Nursery babies have their own locked, secure, sheltered outdoor sleeping area where they sleep in coachbuilt prams. Sleeping outside provides the benefit of lots of fresh air and mean that babies sleep for longer periods without being disturbed. Staff check sleeping babies every five minutes.

At Ryan House babies sleep in custom built cots inside.

Babies also have their own enclosed outdoor play areas at each nursery, which includes swings, slides and tunnels. Babies spend lots of time outside and learn so much through exploring their natural environment, especially during the warmer spring and summer months. Babies are provided with a wide range of activities which are both enjoyable and stimulating such as shaving foam and baby lotion play, sand, water, pasta, corn flour and water, painting, cardboard box play and treasure baskets to name a few. Babies also take part in music and movement, and singing and musical instrument sessions which are held both indoors and outdoors.

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Why Not Book A Visit To One of Our Nurseries?