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Tigers (1-2 Year Olds)

Children from walking to two years are our Tigers. Here we meet the needs of children learning to explore their world. The emphasis is on learning through play and we offer lots of outdoor play, soft play areas, musical instruments, singing and stories, painting and creative activities, dough, construction equipment, bricks and blocks, slides, tents and tunnels, bats and balls.

The children are encouraged to share and develop respect for each other.


Children spend as much time as possible outside. Staff involve the children in many activities outdoors such as balancing along a wide beam, taking part in small obstacle courses, helping children to crawl over and under objects and through tunnels. Children also go on nature walks inside the grounds so they learn to appreciate and recognise features of their natural environment. They enjoy small climbing frames, slides, coup cars, bean bags and balls.

A Comfortable, Welcoming Space

Children eat together, sitting around tables on small chairs; they use cutlery and are encouraged to feed themselves with staff always nearby to lend a helping hand. Table manners are also encouraged with Makaton signs for please and thank you which the children learn to understand and repeat.

Children rest throughout the day as and when they require it, they are encouraged to clean their teeth after breakfast with their own toothbrush and toothpaste.

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Why Not Book A Visit To One of Our Nurseries?