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Pre-School (3 Years Plus)

This is our loud and lively pre-school room full of energetic 3-4 year olds. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is a requirement for all early years settings. Our pre-school children learn about their world through hands on experiences, and go out on lots of outings and into the local community, as well as participating in many sponsored events.

  • Opportunities for art, creativity, mathematics, construction and writing
  • Role play
  • Jigsaws, puzzles and group games
  • Small world play


Children take part in focussed activities lead by a member of staff to help children work towards their developmental targets. All children have their own individual targets within the six areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Pre school children spend a lot of their time outdoors. They have free access to the builder’s yard, mud kitchen, nature garden, children’s garden, adventure climbing frame and the paddock. The outdoor activities are usually child initiated and extended by the staff. Pre school children also have tree climbing and exploration sessions and love to explore their natural environment. They pick their own fruit from trees in the summer and use this to make fruit salads, jams and puddings.


The children eat in their own room and are encouraged to set the table themselves, with knifes, forks and spoons and staff always promote good table manners. Children brush their teeth after meals.

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Why Not Book A Visit To One of Our Nurseries?